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Learn the various energy centers of the body and how energetic blocks impact physical well being. Also human energy field that around the human body with various energy centers (Chakras) and explain how energetic-blocks impact physical well being. More on web.
If time permits, an Energy Balancing Session will be demonstrated. The practitioner is trained to identify energetic imbalances and blocks that exist in the body and to support the client on a spiritual, emotional and physical level to relieve stress to support the body in the healing process. Generally, the practitioner, after taking a few moments to focus on the purpose of the session, will lightly place her hands on the various energy centers and pathways of the body.  An Energy Balancing Session is considered complementary medicine and does not replace or interfere with traditional medical treatment. Most of us know how the energy in our body is supposed to feel without even realizing it. 

Sessions:  2
Dates:  10/22/2018 to 10/29/2018
Meeting Time:  Monday 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Location:  Jared Eliot MS, Clinton Room TBD
Instructor:  Katherine M. Fraley, R.N.
$38.00   (Class Fee)
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